Eternal bot v0.99s

Hi guys,

Let’s see about Eternal bot v0.99s today 😉

About bot
Eternal bot – this boat for Pokemon Go
Boat developed for earnings: experience, Pokemon, Pokestops, Gyms, etc.
Runs on your PC running Windows OS
To start the bot must install java 8 here

– For a long time.
– Ability to minimize to the system tray.
– Behaves like a human.
– Battle in the halls
– Beautiful GUI
– Simple system commands
– Works with a telegram
– Graphical Console

– Table Pokémon with detailed information about them
– Flexible configuration
– Navigation google map
– Quick catch Pokemon
– Conducts Statistics
– Edit color scheme
– Caches data – minimizes requests to the server
– Fast algorithms work
– Works with multiple accounts at once
– Listen to your opinion
– All absolutely free

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CrazyBot v1.7.7.7 / – Latest Bossland API (FREE)

Hi guys,
Here is a new bot – CrazyBot . This bot has enormous features and at the same time it is absolutely Free. He used Latest Bossland API.

CrazyBot has a user-friendly interface, support Windows and Mac operation system, technology called anti-ban, translated into several major languages and more. There is also a smart artificial intelligence, which will be very careful to catch Pokémon.

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Catchem bot v1.6.1.2 build 5 [NEW – 100% SAFE – NO BAN!]

Hello guys,

They waited for the new bot with a pleasant interface? Lunat1k player created it for you.
In addition, there is a little below the video on configuring a bot. Enjoy the game !

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Discord PokeSniper v3.5.6 – API 0.61.0 Support


Hi all, a few days ago Pokedex100 introduced to you tool to BOT account Pokemon GO, today Pokedex100 continue to introduce to you another tool that is the function of catching Pokemon through coordinate

Discord PokeSniper – Auto Sniper Pokemon. This bot will help you automatically to catch the best Pokemon. Continue reading Discord PokeSniper v3.5.6 – API 0.61.0 Support