How to setup Necrobot2 v for Pokemon Go

Hi guys!
Today, we present to your attention one of the most popular bot for Pokemon Go – Necrobot2 v Updated to 0.55

In the new version the developers added the ability to automatic Device ID generation, if you leave the values static.

With this bot you can easily catch a Pokemon without leaving home.

ChangeLoG Necrobot2 v

Updates for API 2.6.0
Updated to 0.55 API
Update Rocket API.
Merge pull request #699 from Necrobot-Private/0.55 …
Update to protobuf 3.2.0. Also regenerated App.config files

Net Framework 4.6.2
Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015


Enter your user data Google and Google API Key (for GoogleAPIKey click on the link) in auth.json

Example auth.json:

“GoogleUsername”: “email google”,
“GooglePassword”: “Password google”,
“PtcUsername”: null,
“PtcPassword”: null,
“GoogleAPIKey”: “API Google key to get the link:”

Edit config.json, enter their initial coordinates, etc.

How to install Necrobot


Download: (12 mb)

necrobot2-gui (18 Mb) (29 Mb) (49 Мб)

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