Evolution Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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In addition to collecting Pokemon, so they can be improved and evolve. This is done using special candy, which for each Pokemon on your own. Also, the amount of candy necessary for the evolution of various 12, 25, 50, 100 and 400  candy.

Table of evolution in Pokemon GO

Below you can see a table, which will show in one of your Pokemon can evolve and how much candy you will need to do:

The following table shows:
number in pokedex | type of animal | name ||| appearance after mutation | room | name:

25 candy – all evolution

25 candy - all evolution325 candy - all evolution225 candy - all evolution1

50 candy – all evolution

50 candy - all evolution450 candy - all evolution350 candy - all evolution250 candy - all evolution

100 candy – all evolution

100 candy - all evolution2100 candy - all evolution1

400 candy on Magikarp


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