Mod with a reduced API lvl 15 (Android 4.0.4+ & 4.4 mod)

Hi guys,

Today, we present mod version 0.35.0 to run on Android 4.0.4+ and latest

What is the minimum version downgraded to 4.0.4, it does not mean that the application will work properly or work at all!

Understand that the default minimum version 4.4 installed for a reason! Continue reading Mod with a reduced API lvl 15 (Android 4.0.4+ & 4.4 mod)

PokeGoBot GUI Edition

PokeGoBot GUI Edition – bot with configuration interface.

Upd: 25.9.16. Latest Build – 18.9.16

A bot interface tinctures. There is no need to go into config and then edit that. All intuitive. Updated Pokemon management tools.
You can sort by name Pokemon / CP / IV-A-D-S / LVL / possible evolution / growth / weight / type attacks. You can make a transfer / evolve / power up both with a single Pokémon and with a group selected by ctrl + right in the inventory window. Continue reading PokeGoBot GUI Edition

How to setup Necrobot2 v for Pokemon Go

Hi guys!
Today, we present to your attention one of the most popular bot for Pokemon Go – Necrobot2 v Updated to 0.55

In the new version the developers added the ability to automatic Device ID generation, if you leave the values static.

With this bot you can easily catch a Pokemon without leaving home. Continue reading How to setup Necrobot2 v for Pokemon Go

Evolution Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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Maybe you know about evolution pokemon in pokemon go but we still upload posts evolution pokemon for newbie. You can dismiss this post if you want

In addition to collecting Pokemon, so they can be improved and evolve. This is done using special candy, which for each Pokemon on your own. Also, the amount of candy necessary for the evolution of various 12, 25, 50, 100 and 400  candy.

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